Work in progress

I love a good spring clean. It’s always nice to take something and make it better. Tonight I started work on a blog clean-up. 

I have transferred all of the old posts from blogger to here. WordPress is much easier to take forward onto a domain later and I prefer the app too. 

I have also selected a template. Of course we all know I will likely change my mind in a month. 

Next step is a big one… It’s new name time. I love ‘thatfirstline’ but it is unfortunately not available so I think fate is telling me to choose a new one. 

Throw your ideas in the comments.


I have definitely failed to keep this blog up to date. But to be honest I have also failed to read often due to life changes and other challenges. I intend to change this in the coming weeks. This will begin with a platform change to WordPress and a relaunch.

Please watch this space. Time for the next chapter.