Oh Baby – Epic Plot Twist

Life has some amazing plot twists!

Back in the summer I completed my English Literature degree and achieved a 2:1. I had just started a new job after being out of work for over a decade raising my daughter. I fully intended to work on my blogging and writing, eventually releasing more self-published books.

Plot Twist!

In July I started to feel a little ‘odd’. Not unwell, but definitely not quite right at the same time. I knew the feeling from 11 years before. A test confirmed it… surprise pregnancy.

For those of you who know me this was happy news, but caused me a lot of anxiety at the same time. Past pregnancies usually ended very badly and we had been told that it was unlikely I would ever carry to term again. I spent most of 2017 anxiously questioning every twinge and pull. The midwives doubled the number of regular check-ups and I was signed off work to rest. No risks were to be taken. It wasn’t a fun time and I can honestly say that writing was as far from my mind as possible.

It wasn’t until Christmas that I finally began to relax. The baby was moving regularly (she has been nicknamed ‘wriggles’) and we had received a string of healthy scans. We found out that baby is a girl and bought a stack of pink. The house looks like a nursery!

She will be arriving by elective c-section (to reduce risk) towards the end of February.

Of course, now I’m more relaxed my mind has turned back to writing. So, here I am. I cannot guarantee¬†any regularity, nor what form it will be in. But I do plan to write some writing tips, articles and of course reviews. If there’s anything at all you would like to see let me know in the comments.

I’m so glad to be back on the blog and would like to raise a glass of juice to those random, amazing plot twists. Without them, life wouldn’t be half as interesting.