The “I failed something epic” post

Remember around seven months ago when I had plans to create a reading related blog here?

That didn’t go so well. Did you notice?

If I am to be honest there is no excuse for my lack of posts here. But I am going to attempt to pick it back up for 2015.

For now … Hot chocolate and mince pies. I am not even sorry. 

Top 3 – TV shows to procrastinate to

I’m a top-class, grade A procrastinator. I can pretty much avoid anything if I can find something else to do.

I have been known to do the laundry instead of writing. I have been known to sort my bathroom instead of packing for a trip. But usually I turn on Netflix and end up binge watching an entire series.

And here, in no particular order, are the top three culprits…

1. Ugly Betty.

Who doesn’t love watching Betty’s struggle to survive the backstabbing world of the Mode office and the fashion publishing world as a whole?

OK, it’s admittedly cheesy. But Eric Mabius is so adorable as editor in chief Daniel Meade. He’s useless in a cute sort of way.

2. Make it or Break it. 

Gymnastics is my sports guilty pleasure. I love to watch it during the Olympics, but every four years just isn’t enough jumping and diving for me.
Make it or Break it follows a fictional gym and it’s four top female gymnasts as they follow their dreams of Olympic gold.

It’s definitely not very realistic when it comes to the sport. But I love the storylines.

3. Supernatural. 


Top 3 – Kick Ass Females *Spoilers Ahead*

My favourite books are always the ones with the girls who like to kick ass first, and take names later.

These girls don’t have to be constantly spitting one liners like Buffy, nor do they need to be a contender for a spot as the fourth Charlie’s Angel. But they do need to own their stories and make me actually care if they survive it or not.

Narrowing these down to just three was hard work – but here are the winners.

3. Aria – Under the Never Sky (Veronica Rossi) 

Aria is one of my favourite characters ever. She amazes me constantly throughout the whole book.
Aria has grown up in Reverie, a pod in which it’s residents are protected from the world outside and it’s deadly Aether storms. A place where she is kept safe, until the day that she is thrown out to die.
The reason that Aria is so kick ass is the way that she adapts from a protected pod dweller. She learns to hunt, and how to survive outside like it is the most natural thing to her. She has strong survival instincts and, even though she gains the help of outsiders, she doesn’t ever rely on anybody to keep her alive.

2. Bella Swan – Twilight Trilogy (Stephanie Meyer)

Don’t leave just yet. I do have my reasons.

Bella is probably one of the most discussed characters in any of the recent YA offerings. She has divided fans, and caused many arguments. But mostly I see people saying that she is weak and stupid. So it’s probably a shock that I think she is a Kick Ass female.

But consider this – Bella moved across the country, leaving everything and everybody she knew, to live with a father that she had barely seen through her childhood. She joined a new high school, mid year, with no friends and no idea where they were in their curriculum.
She then fell in love, only to learn that the boy she loved and his family were blood sucking predators that could kill her as quickly and easily as breaking a nail. And her best friend is a wolf who’s natural instinct is to kill the boyfriend and his family.
Oh, and add to that the fact that rogue vampires, vampire royalty and her own unborn child all try to kill her. Yet, Bella Swan keeps biting her lip and keeps on going.

I don’t know about you, but I think that anyone who can deal with all of that is pretty darn kick ass.

1. America Singer – The selection Trilogy (Kiera Cass)

America Singer gets herself accidentally selected to battle it out against 34 other girls in a bachelor style competition to marry the Prince. A wedding that she most definitely doesn’t want to be a part of, let alone the bride.
In my opinion, what makes America kick ass is the fact that, although she most definitely doesn’t want to be there, she also cannot go home and face the love of her life who has broken her heart. So she is honest! This makes her one of the most kick ass girls in fiction. She doesn’t lie or cheat. She tells the Prince the truth and is classy about it. She offers compromises, and acts like a real lady to the other girls and to the palace staff. She’s intelligent, witty, fair and the epitome of a true, honest Princess. Quite ironic really.

So there it is… my top three. Who are yours?

Stacking the Shelves Saturday

Big, massive thanks to Tynga’s Reviews for this meme.

Every Saturday (that I remember to do it) I will be posting a list of the books that I added to my shelves, be it physical or virtual (ebook/kindle) this week. This is sort of a “to be read” list, but won’t necessarily mean that I will be reading or reviewing these books any time soon. This is because I tend to buy a lot of books then forget that I have them. It’s a problem.

This weeks books – 

1. A Game of Thrones – George R.R. Martin (Book 1 Song of Ice and Fire)
2. Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead (Book 1 Vampire Academy)
3. Hard Times – Charles Dickens (Set book for University) Ebook version

Review #1 – Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

Hex Hall – Rachel Hawkins – Hyperion Books

I adore YA Fiction, and I’m a huge fan of the whole fantasy/supernatural thing. But I can honestly say that I haven’t read much that involved witches, so Hex Hall was a bit of a random pick for me at the library. I also totally judged the book on it’s cover, but really… who wouldn’t. 
As it turned out the random pick was also a very lucky pick. Hex Hall was amazing!
Sophia Mercer is a teen witch who keeps getting into trouble with her magic. So much trouble that her absent father ships her off to Hex Hall, a boarding school for prodigium (magical kids for us muggles). 
Being forced into a school with other witches, werewolves and fairies isn’t Sophie’s exact idea of a good time. Then she gets roomed with a pink obsessed vampire.
♥ What I loved ♥
I loved Sophie as a character. She was pretty kick-ass from the first chapter, with just a big enough sprinkling of nerves. At no point in the book does she become annoying. I loved her from beginning to end. The other characters were all fantastic too. I can’t think of a single wasted character.
I also loved the school. I am not going to throw any spoilers in here, but the world building is fantastic and made me want to go to Hex Hall myself, if only to sit by the lake.
Hex Hall, as a story, is really well written. The story flows perfectly and I literally couldn’t put it down. There are so many twists that I was kept guessing right until the end. 
♥ What I didn’t love ♥
I didn’t love that this book is a part of a series – and that I didn’t realise until the end. 
Of course that isn’t the loss of a heart. The reason I gave this four hearts was because I felt that the language was a little simplistic. I think this may be because this book was aimed at the lower end of the age range for YA, but I do think that a reader at this level could cope with more detailed descriptions. 
I would recommend this for – Harry Potter Fans and fans of the movie “The Craft.