Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk: Playdough

I was talking to a writer friend yesterday about the process of creating a story. Be it a short story or a novel we have decided that the best thing to describe it as is playdough.
This is why.

As a child I used to spend a lot of time with playdough. I had multiple colours of dough, a tray and tools stolen from my Mum’s kitchen drawers. I would begin with lots of separate balls of dough in little pots on the table. I’d select a colour and I’d begin to mould it into the shape that I had in my head. 
Eventually I would take a second colour and add it to my sculpture. I’d blend and roll the colours together, mixing tones to create new dough. Before I knew it I’d be left with a great mess of muddy brown and my mother yelling at me for walking bright red dough into her cream carpet. (That stain was still there when the carpet was changed a few years later.)

Now I play with words instead. Much less messy, but they still get me into trouble.
I begin with lots of separate balls of words in my notebook, a tray and a laptop stolen from the shelf under the TV. I select a ball and begin to mould it into the shape that I have in my head.
Eventually I add another ball of words. Forming a new paragraph that I add to the first. I blend and roll the words together, mixing words to create new sentences. Before I know it I’m left with a great mess of spelling mistakes and my other half yelling at me for burning the dinner.

As you see, writing is just like playdough. Only this time with less stains.

Let’s Talk: Supporting my local library.

I have too many books.

I never thought that it was possible to have too many books, but I do. I think I decided I’d reached too many when I stubbed my toe on one of the piles on my bedroom floor awaiting new shelves. 
So, what should I do with the excess? 
I adore books. I love having a huge collection that I can dip into whenever I fancy revisiting a story or learning something from a non-fiction. This is also why I love my local library. 
It’s only a small building, and the majority of the time I have to order a book I specifically want. But it’s still an amazing place. 
My six year old is also a fan. She searches the shelves with a look of awe. Scouring through the collections of books about science or history (which she loves) or selecting another storybook to lose herself in.
Unfortunately libraries are constantly in fear of having their funding cut. Many are closing down because they cannot afford to stay open and are not classified as “essential”. My local library has cut hours many times because of staffing or funding issues. 
That is why I have chosen to donate my excess books to the library. I called to check and they do accept second hand books to either circulate or sell in their book sale events. Is there a better way to thank them for their contribution to my love of words?