Book to movie adaptations

Don’t you just hate it when you wait forever for something and it ends up being nothing like you expected?

Book to movie adaptations have a nasty habit of doing just that. Fallen was the first for me this year, Before I Fall the second. Neither of them were what I thought they could be. Neither were as good as the books. Both left me feeling as though something was missing.

Now, I am not saying that the movies were terrible. They truly weren’t. As stand alone movies they were really good. But as an adaptation they were missing that little… something.

Before I Fall is one of my top ten books of the last few years. It is one of the very few that I had to put down to take a breath and it is one of even fewer that had me sobbing real tears. That is some power as I am not an easily tearful person when it comes to books. I am, however, easily brought to tears by the big screen so I expected my heartstrings to take a beating. I didn’t get even that.

You see, for me at least, the movie seemed very rushed. I didn’t find that I cared enough about the characters in real time to give a care for them when they died. The mean girls were just mean, the bullied just… dull. It was missing the backstory and the time that was given in the book to completely engross the reader. For some reason it didn’t translate into a ninety minute movie.

This is becoming a regular issue with adaptations. Maybe it’s time for popular books to be left on paper and for the big screen to get it’s own stories? What do you think?

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