Bout of Books – Day One Update

I joined the challenge pretty late in the day (UK time) yesterday and had a pretty busy day so I wouldn’t really say that I did amazingly on the reading side. I did, however, have a lot of fun with the challenges yesterday. I am feeling pretty proud of myself. I got to chat to some other bloggers and found some new favourite places to read about books when I am … well… not reading books. 
Here are my day one (Monday) stats: 
Number of books finished so far: Zero
Books finished this week: n/a
Number of pages read today: 80
Number of pages read so far: 80
Current book: Illusions of Fate by Kiersten White.
Challenges Completed today: New Years Resolution Challenge
                                                   Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt
I missed the Twitter Chat because I joined just as it ended. The others look to be at difficult times for me but hopefully I’ll squeeze into one. Possibly Saturday. 
And my targets for day 2: 
Pages to read – 135
Books to finish – 1 
Challenges – Top Ten Recommendations 

I hope you are all having fun. Please feel free to share your daily stats in the comments if you want. I would love to see what every else has been up to. 


  1. Illusions of Fate sound like an interesting book, read about it on goodreads. Good luck with your bout of books tomorrow 🙂

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