Aim and Fire – My targets for 2015

There is nothing quite like setting targets and putting them up for the whole world to see. It’s even better when I go back and take a look at them to see if I h2ave hit any. Targets and aims are so much fun!

This year I want to start giving this blog an actual shove. I read too much that I forget to review and I don’t really do enough here. This is my chance. Here are my aims.

Mostly they focus on posts and social networks. This targets may change and I might add more. Post targets include those already on the blog.

For twitter – @that1stline
For Facebook – ThatFirstLine4

In three months time (1st April 2015)

  • Have at least 15 reviews. 
  • Have at least 13 other posts. 
  • Daily traffic of 100 unique visits or more.
  • Have at least 50 followers on twitter. 
  • Have at least 50 fans on my facebook page.
  • Be up to date on my challenges.
In six months time (1st July 2015)
  • Have at least 30 reviews 
  • Have at least 20 other posts 
  • Daily traffic of 300 unique visits or more
  • 100 followers on twitter
  • 100 fans on facebook
  • Be up to date on my challenges
In nine months time (1st October 2015)
  • Have at least 40 reviews
  • Have at least 30 other posts
  • Daily traffic of 500 unique visits or more
  • 250 followers on twitter
  • 250 fans on facebook
  • Be up to date on my challenges
By the end of the year (31st December 2015)
  • Have at least 50 reviews
  • Have at least 50 other posts
  • Daily traffic of 1000 unique visits or more.
  • 1000 followers across social networks
  • Complete all of my challenges.
Other aims this year
  • Find new favourite authors
  • Spend more time in the YA book community
  • Read something that I wouldn’t usually read

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